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[. . . ] WARNING: Do not install this equipment in a confined space such as a book case or similar unit. Slots and openings in the cabinet are provided for ventilation and to ensure reliable operation of the product and to protect it from over heating. The openings shall be never be blocked by placing the product on a bed, sofa, rug or other similar surface. This product shall not be placed in a builtin installation such as a bookcase or rack unless proper ventilation is provided or the manufacturer’s instruction has been adhered to. CAUTION: This product employs a Laser System. [. . . ] (Only FAT(16/ 32) file system is supported. )  This unit is not supported when the total number of files is 1, 000 or more.  External HDD, Card readers, Locked devices, or hard type USB devices are not supported.  Some USB may not work with this unit. CM1530-DP. AESPLLK ENG 0429. indd 7 2013-03-08 3:17:14 8 Getting Started • • • • • • a • • • • • • POWER : Switches the unit ON or OFF. • • • • • • b • • • • • • PRESET/FOLDER W/S : - Searches for a folder of MP3/ WMA files. When a CD/ USB containing MP3/ WMA files in several folders is being played, press PRESET/FOLDER W/S to select the folder you want to play. VOLUME W/S : Adjusts speaker volume. Remote Control 1 Getting Started REPEAT(MENU) - Listens to your tracks/files repeatedly or randomly. • • • • • • d • • • • • • RDS : RDS (Radio Data System). (Refer to page 16) PTY/ASPM : - Searches radio stations by radio type. - ASPM (Auto Station Program Memory) Battery Installation • • • • • • c • • • • • • INFO : Sees informations about your music. - Creates a playlist you want to listen to. Remove the battery cover on the rear of the Remote Control, and insert one (size AAA) battery with 4 and 5 matched correctly. CM1530-DP. AESPLLK ENG 0429. indd 8 2013-03-08 3:17:14 Getting Started 9 Front Panel 1 Getting Started 1 a iPod/iPhone Dock Connects an iPod/iPhone. b 1/!(Power ON/OFF) c Remote Sensor d OPEN Uses it when inserting or removing a CD. Then the reception will be better than before. Deleting all the saved stations 1. Press PROGRAM/MEMO to erase all saved radio stations. CM1530-DP. AESPLLK ENG 0429. indd 15 2013-03-08 3:17:15 16 Operating Seeing information about a Radio station The FM tuner is supplied with the RDS (Radio Data System) facility. Press RDS repeatedly to cycle through the various data types: PS (Programme Service Name) The name of the channel will appear in the display. (Radio Text) A text message contains special information from the broadcast station. (Time controlled by the channel) This shows the time and date as broadcast by the station. Using the Auto Station Programme Memory(ASPM) This function lets you automatically search and store 50 stations. After "ASPM" will blink in the display window, scanning will start. After scanning, the number of stations stored in memory will be displayed, and then“END” will appear. Although you preset stations for FM manually, a preset number for a RDS station will be saved successively. To listen a stored station, press PRESET/ FOLDER W/S. PTY RT 3 Operating CT You can search the radio stations by programme type by pressing RDS. Press PTY/ASPM one or more times to select your preferred programme type. When a station is found, the search will stop. Deleting all saved RDS stations 1. [. . . ] If you have 30 pin of ipod/iphone, use USB cable to connect your ipod/iphone to the unit 2. You can use your iPod/iPhone by using the remote control and using your iPod/iPhone. Compatible iPod/iPhone We recommend installing the latest software version.  iPod touch  iPod with video  iPod nano  iPod mini  iPod with click wheel  iPhone 4S  iPhone 4  iPhone 3GS 3 Operating 1  iPhone 3G  iPhone 5 Depending on your iPod/iPhone’s software version, you may not control your iPod/iPhone from the unit. Do this To ON UNIT Pause or restart Skip Search Move to the previous menu Move to the desired item Choose an item T Y/U Press and hold Y/U ON REMOTE d/M C/V Press and hold C/V REPEAT (MENU) PRESET⁄ FOLDER W/S Z ENTER - - I CM1530-DP. AESPLLK ENG 0429. indd 18 2013-03-08 3:17:15 Operating 19 , Note  When the unit is turned off, iPod/iphone can recharge, using iPod/iPhone Dock but When the unit is turned off, iPod/iphone can't recharge, using iPod/iPhone cable. / If you charge the battery while iPod/ iPhone is extremely low in power, it may take longer to be charged. [. . . ]


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