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Manual de resumen: instrucciones de uso LG LZ-H0156BA0

Las instrucciones detalladas para la utilización aparecen en la Guía del usuario.

[. . . ] WARNING: TO PREVENT FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARD, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS PRODUCT TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. WARNING: Do not install this equipment in a confined space such as a book case or similar unit. Slots and openings in the cabinet are provided for ventilation and to ensure reliable operation of the product and to protect it from over heating. The openings shall be never be blocked by placing the product on a bed, sofa, rug or other similar surface. [. . . ] 3. Use a/d to select [Yes] and then press ENTER (b) to reboot the recorder. All the downloaded videos from DivX VOD with this player’s registration code can only be played back on this unit. Note , , Auto Off The screen saver appears when you leave the player in Stop mode for about five minutes. If you set this option to [On], the unit automatically turns itself off after the Screen Saver is displayed for 20 minutes. Set this option to [Off ] to leave the screen saver until the unit is operated by the user. Disability Assistance Hard Of Hearing Hard of hearing for users who are hearing impaired If you set [On] and there is hard of hearing subtitle, You can see the subtitle on screen. Audio Description Audio description for users who are visually handicapped. If you set [On], You can hear the explanation of display through a Main audio and Audio Description audio. System Setting 31 [DISC] Menu Format If you want to copy a disc, use only the disc which is formatted on this unit. If you load a completely blank disc, the recorder will initialize the disc. Also, you can reformat the DVD-RW/DVD+RW from the Setting menu as below. 2. Select [DISC] option then press ENTER (b). Finalize (DVD+R/DVD+R DL/DVD-R Only) Finalized the recordings in place so that the disc can be played on a regular unit or computer equipped with a suitable DVD-ROM drive. Once you have finalized a DVD-R and DVD+R disc, you cannot edit or record anything else on that disc. yy How long finalization takes depends on the type of disc, how much is recorded on the disc, and the number of titles on the disc. yy Depending at the disc and the way of format finalizing may take more time. Caution >> 3 System Setting Note , , 3. Select [Format] option then press ENTER (b). 2. Use a/d to select the [Aspect Ratio] option. Programme Guide (Digital program only) The Program Guide contains schedule and program information for digital programs. They also provide local over-the-air programs information including conventional digital programs. Use the Program Guide to find programs easily and conveniently and to view schedule and descriptive program information for the programs. To Display the Program Guide 3. Use w/s to select aspect ratio, and press ENTER (b). While playing the recording title, You can select the aspect ratio by pressing Q. MENU button. Press the GUIDE button on your remote control. Note , , 4 Operating Changing Recording device You can set the storage location where you want to store the DTV recordings. 2. Use a/d to select the [Recording device] option. To Exit the Program Guide Press the BACK (1) button to return to the last program you tuned to. To navigate through programs on the Guides Use w/s/a/d on your remote control to navigate the guide screen. You can move faster through programs by scrolling page-by-page with the CH (W/S) buttons on the remote control. Each button stroke scrolls one page up or down. 3. Use w/s to select storage, and press ENTER (b). This option is unavailable while recording. Note , , To tune to another current channel Use w/s/a/d to select a current channel then press ENTER (b) and watch TV button. You can watch the channel. To display the Full Information window You can view the detail information for the highlighted program. Press INFO/MENU (m) or ENTER (b) to display detail information window. [. . . ] Depending on your TV, some or all buttons may not function on the TV, even after entering the correct manufacturer code. When you replace the battery in the remote, the code number you have set may be reset to the default setting. Set the appropriate code number again. Depending on the unit being connected, you may not be able to control your TV using some of the buttons. Note , , 6 Appendix 56 Appendix Area Code List Choose an area code from this list. Area Code Area Code Area Code Area Code Afghanistan Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Bhutan Bolivia Brazil Cambodia Canada Chile China Colombia Congo Costa Rica Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Egypt AF Fiji AR Finland AU France AT Germany BE Great Britain BT Greece BO Greenland BR Hong Kong KH Hungary CA India CL Indonesia CN Israel CO Italy CG Jamaica CR Japan HR Kenya CZ Kuwait DK Libya EC Luxembourg EG Malaysia SV Maldives ET Mexico FJ Monaco FI Mongolia FR Morocco DE Nepal GB Netherlands GR Antilles GL New Zealand HK Nigeria HU Norway IN Oman ID Pakistan IL Panama IT Paraguay JM Philippines JP Poland KE Portugal KW Romania LY Russian LU Federation MY Saudi Arabia MV Senegal MX MC Singapore MN Slovak Republic MA Slovenia NP South Africa NL South Korea AN Spain NZ Sri Lanka NG Sweden NO Switzerland OM Taiwan PK Thailand PA Turkey PY Uganda PH Ukraine PL United States PT Uruguay RO Uzbekistan Vietnam RU Zimbabwe SA SN SG SK SI ZA KR ES LK SE CH TW TH TR UG UA US UY UZ VN ZW 6 Appendix El Salvador Ethiopia Appendix 57 Language code List Use this list to input your desired language for the following initial settings: [Disc Audio], [Disc Subtitle] and [Disc Menu]. [. . . ]


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