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[. . . ] Important Information GB For your Condenser dryer to operate efficiently, you must follow the regular maintenance schedule shown below: Fluff Filter. . . !Refit the filter - NEVER run the dryer without the filter in position. !Failure to clean the filter after EVERY drying cycle will affect the drying performance of your machine. - It will take longer to dry and as a result will use more electricity during drying. Water Container. . . ! [. . . ] If the option is available there will be one beep and the option light above the button lights to confirm the selection. After the start button has been pressed only the Alarm option can be changed. Progress (Drying, CoolTumble, Post Creasecare) / Delay (3hr 6hr 9hr 12hr) Lights When the light above the delay button is on, these lights flash to indicate the delay time is selected. During other programmes they indicate the progress of the dryer, each one comes on as the corresponding phase starts. Time Delay The start of some programmes (see Start and Programmes) can be delayed for up to 12 hours in 3hr steps. When a delayed start is in progress the light above the delay button will be on and the selected delay period light will flash (after the start button has been pressed). To set a delayed start, press the Time Delay button, and the light above the button will come on together with the 3hr delay light. Pressing the button again will advance the delay setting to 6hr, the 3hr light goes out and the 6hr light is on. Each time you press the button the delay setting advances 3 hours, as indicated by the corresponding light. If the 12hr light is on, pressing the button again will cancel the delay. You can also cancel the delay by turning the programmes knob to 0, wait for the buzzer to beep and then turn back to your selected programme. Pre Creasecare When a delayed start has been selected, the clothes are tumbled occasionally during the delayed period to help prevent creases developing. Press this button and a high heat setting is selected and the light above the button comes on. Timed programmes have a default of low heat, if the light alongside the button is on then pressing the button selects a low heat setting and the light goes out. Alarm Available on all programmes and allows the buzzer to give a signal at the end of the drying cycle, to remind you that the clothes are ready to be removed. Post Creasecare The clothes are occasionally tumbled after the end of the drying and cool tumble cycles, to help prevent creases developing should you not be available to remove the load immediately the programme is complete. Empty Water Light / Container (If you have plumbed your dryer to a drain this light can be ignored, as there is no need to empty the water container). When this light is on (not flashing) it reminds you to empty the water container. If the water container fills during a programme, the heater turns off and the dryer does a period of Cool Tumble then the light flashes and the buzzer sounds. After this it stops and all 3 progress lights and the 3hr delay light come on and the empty water light flashes. You must empty the water container and restart the dryer or the clothes will not dry. After re-starting the dryer, the light will take a few seconds to go out. To avoid this always empty the water container each time you use the dryer (see Maintenance). q GB Door Opening Opening the door during a programme will stop the dryer and have the following effects: q All 3 progress lights and the 3hr delay light come on. [. . . ] Also to remove accumulation of fluff from the front of the condenser and filter areas, clean occasionally with a vacuum cleaner. Your dryer uses special bearing components which do not need lubrication. Have your dryer checked regularly by authorised technicians to ensure electrical and mechanical safety (see Service). q Check the drum after each cycle Turn the drum manually in order to remove small items (handkerchiefs) that could have been left behind. Water container Filter Tap Rear Front Condenser cover Catches Handle 13 Air intake Condenser unit Troubleshooting GB One day your dryer seems not to be working. Before you call your Service Centre (see Service), go through the following troubleshooting suggestions: Problem: The tumble dryer won’t start. Possible causes / Solution: q q q q q q q The plug is not plugged into the socket, or not making contact. [. . . ]


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